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My career began at Studio Tivoli in 1997 where I have landed a job, right after returning from audio engineering studies at SAE in London. I had an opportunity to learn from the best in the business, with legendary Slovenian audio engineer Aco Razbornik as my mentor.

My first opportunity arise when I've spotted a new, fresh sounding band called Siddharta, playing at a demo contest session that me and Aco have put together for young bands. After recording a demo record with them, I had an opportunity to jump aboard as producer of their debut album Id. Album exploded into Slovenian rock scene and became one of the most influential Slovenian albums up to date.

What followed were busy years producing many rock bands. After a while I started working on more diverse music genres from pop to hip hop. In 2004 I produced a hit record for rap artist Trkaj and in 2005 I started to work with a super talented pianist/singer/songwriter Neisha. Her debut album was the best selling album of the year and for the first time introduced me to the world of pop music. Our collaboration is still going strong after 5 albums.

In 2012 my new studio opens.

In 2014 I started collaborating again with Siddharta, who by now became a music institution in Slovenia and whose work I've grown to admire. Together we've made 2 albums in a row "Infra" and "Ultra". Released in 2015 albums produced mega hits such as "Ledena" and "Piknik". The albums went platinum and gold.

Along side the artists I have mentioned, I was lucky to work with many more talented artist such as bands Eskobars, Dfact, Ksiht, Big foot mama, Charlie Butterfly, Hic et nunc, El Kachon, Suzine Semiške, Make up2, Naio Ssion, Vatra, Kojoti, Jinx,... and solo artists like Tinkara Kovač, Andraž Hribar, Alya, Demetra Malalan, Kim Begovič, Zoran Predin, Željko Joksimovič, Nuša Derenda, Nina Pušlar and many more..

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